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Discover new jobs and career opportunities in IT for creative, tech-savvy people.

IT Jobs of Tomorrow

Digital connections have changed the way companies do business, generating demand for innovative, tech-savvy people everywhere. Yet, many jobs go unfilled because today’s students lack the skills employers seek.

The latest Networking Academy curriculum focuses on technical skills in networking, security, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The curriculum also builds professional skills to understand business context and vertical markets, communicate ideas and work with a team, and how to be a creative, customer-focused problem solver.

Job description Courses

Bussines Analytics

As connections increase, the amount of data generated does too. The ability to analyze, ensure quality, and apply data to business needs is critical.

Business analytics analysts work with clients to develop analytics, dashboards, alerts and reports. Citizen developers and junior data scientists are needed to discover and model data. Data management analysts design, build, and support data warehouses for massive data volumes inside the enterprise and in the cloud. Data quality analysts ensure data integrity and compliance.

Digital Security and Privacy

With an increase in data and integration points, data security is critical.

Security engineers are needed to build and maintain IT security solutions. Security operations center (SOC) analysts monitor systems and networks for intrusions. Device security specialists are responsible for inspecting devices and the physical infrastructure.


Millions of devices, applications, and processes will require voice, data, video, and wireless network services.

Network engineers not only design, implement, and support network services, they need programming skills to integrate edge computing and SDN components. Network analysts make sure network services run efficiently. Network administrators monitor services, software-defined and virtual network performance.

Application Development

The complexity and connectivity of systems continues to increase and expand, in the cloud and on-site.

Software engineers design and develop software applications and computer systems. Front-end developers design and implement websites and applications to run in web browsers.

Device Management/IoT

As the number of devices connected to the Internet grows, special skills are required to manage and maintain billions of connections between devices and applications.

Device installers and field service engineer/rep/tech install, configure, and maintain devices in the field (think smart cities, smart cars, wind turbines, farm sensors, security cameras, hospitals, factories…). Device administrators remotely install, provision, operate, monitor and maintain devices and software.